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Refreshing Summer Cocktail with Basil

Refreshing Summer Cocktail with Basil

Recently, I got together with friends in NYC at Ardesia, a wine bar in Hell's Kitchen. Along with having a GREAT time (there's something magical about getting together with old friends), I also had a great drink they called, the "Wobbly Vespa." It was so refreshing and used BASIL! I thought immediately that I would have to try to recreate it at home once my basil started growing more. Well, that day has come, and I present to you, the perfect summer drink.

I assume it's called the "Wobbly Vespa" because it contains all Italian alcoholic ingredients (and Italian Basil), which might lead a Vespa to become wobbly should someone drink too many of these. I suggest just sticking with the drink and leave the Vespa at home. I decided to go all "EU" on the drink and introduce Cava instead of Prosecco. They are very similar, but Cava is Spanish, not Italian like Prosecco is. I love Prosecco, but I happen to like this Cava because it is a little drier than some of the Proseccos I've had recently. Because the Limoncello is so sweet, I thought it would be a good balance.

First, let me say that Ardesia make this FAR better than I do. They really create a beautifully layered drink - the Limoncello is separate from the Prosecco, which is separate from the Red Wine. When I make it, it doesn't look that pretty....but it sure as heck is tasty. 

This isn't really a "recipe" in the sense that it gives you directions on specific amounts of ingredients to add, but you can watch the video below to see how I made it. Experiment a little and enjoy. Happy Summer! 



Prosecco (or Cava)
Red Wine
Fresh Basil


(Add small amounts of each ingredient.)

  1. Add Ice to a large wine glass or tumbler.
  2. Pour in Limoncello.
  3. Pour in Prosecco.
  4. Pour in Red Wine.
  5. Pour in a splash of Prosecco.
  6. Garnish with a basil leaf.
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