Pricing & Info

Interested in organically-grown seedlings for your garden? Want to shop local? I will have vegetable seedlings available for purchase on or about May 11, 2019.  Click to view the plant catalog.

Please note that I cannot ship plants, so purchase should be made only if you are able to pick them up in Maplewood, NJ.  

Each of these plants was grown with great care ahead of the season and will be hardened off for you, so they'll be ready to plant. I am a small-scale grower, so there is a limited number of plants I have for sale. Get your orders in early for the best selection! I also give volume discounts. I REALLY want you to grow your own food and am giving discounts to prove it!

Vegetable Seedlings (any combination of plants):

  • 1 plant = $4

  • 3 plants = $10

  • 6 plants = $19

Borage Seedlings (great companion to tomatoes):

Orders can be placed by emailing wineboxgardener@gmail.com. I will respond to confirm your order. Payment can then be made in cash or Venmo (@CatRacette). 

My story:
I am a local gardener who is “addicted” to growing plants. I also write about gardening and cooking with fresh ingredients from time to time on my blog. My gardening goal is to help other people grow their own food - even in the smallest of spaces. I started gardening out of a wooden wine box (hence the name of the blog) and just kept expanding from there. I hope these plants help inspire you to start or continue to let your garden grow.